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N2 help needed!! [08 Aug 2010|06:53pm]

Hi, I'm going to appear for the jlpt n2 tests in December. I wanted to practise my listening using previous years' choukai mp3 files, but was unable to find any. Does anyone know from where I can download the 2kyuu choukai mp3 files? Thanks!
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Sale: Kanzen Masters in Singapore [14 Dec 2009|02:45pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hello fellow Japanese students out there, if you're living in Singapore, and plan on taking JLPT 1/2, check out kanzen masters for sale here! Photos provided upon request.
1. KM 1-kyuu Grammar
2. KM 1-kyuu Kanji
3. KM 2-kyuu Kanji
4. Penetrating Contemporary Japan (compre book)

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Intro post~ [14 Jul 2008|02:37pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hello~~. I'm going to be taking the 3-kyuu JLPT in Tokyo this December. I know I can quite possibly pass this one and as much as I would love to take the 2-kyuu, my job leaves me with absolutely no room for extra study. Are there any books or advice anyone could give me because this is my first time taking the JLPT.

I've been learning Japanese for 7 years BUT for the first 4 years, I was kind of... not studying... >_>

Thank you for reading and any advice! :D

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results! [04 Mar 2008|10:49pm]

How did everyone do?

I flunked Level 2. :X

Bunpou really killed me this round. I'm surprised I scored ok for choukai.. although I thought I couldn't catch some of the questions.

Hmmm.. something to work on again! Aack.
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JLPT 2007 [03 Dec 2007|09:50am]

[ mood | okay ]

So, the JLPT 2007 was on yesterday, how did everyone do?

I sat for 2kyuu and ran out of time in the reading section. *sigh* There were so many reading passages! T_T I obviously need to practice my Japanese speed/skim reading more. Wasted too much time on the first (longest) passage...

I thought the vocab and listening sections were quite alright though. Praying that they'll pull me up enough to pass the test.

What are others thoughts/feelings of this year's JLPT?

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Study material [07 Sep 2007|09:06pm]

Hi, I'm going to take the JLPT 2-kyuu this year and was looking through some lists of recommended study books. I just wanted to ask the opinions of others who have taken the test before: do you think it's worth getting the Syllabus book? Did it help in your preparation at all, or do you think just using other study books would suffice?

On that note, if you could recommend ONE study textbook which would it be? I'm sure different books suit different people better, but am just interested in the general consensus. I'm thinking of the getting the Unicom one, but the ALC one looks good as well....

Thanks in advance! ^___^
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1kyuu [24 Aug 2007|10:27am]

I'm taking 1kyuu again this year. I was close to passing last year. If I improve my kanji and vocab, I think I have a good chance of passing this time. Right now I'm studying with the Tuttle Kanji Cards and using speedanki.com, and just reading Japanese newspaper articles as often as possible. I'll be taking the test in Okayama.

Who's planning to take it this year, where, what level, and how are you studying?
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[25 Jul 2007|11:33pm]

How's the preparation for Dec 2, folks?

Level 2 grammar syllabus is just mind-boggling!! @_@;;
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Results? [16 Feb 2007|11:08pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Hey all.. Any idea when the results will be out? Should be soon eh?

So what's your plan this year? Have you started on the next level of study or just waiting for the results before you start?

I'm studying 2-kyuu and maan... the grammar points are simply mind-boggling! O_O;;

But I'm aiming at passing 2-kyuu in one year's attempt. Is that too impossible?

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"Kanji in Context" [18 Dec 2006|10:06pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Has anyone here studied from the book Kanji in Context? I've decided to use this book, and I bought the workbooks for it, but do I absolutely need the reference book for it? It's kind of expensive... but if it helps to have then I'll buy it.

Also, if you have any advice on how to study kanji, please post it! I'm planning on taking JLPT 1kyu next year, so I need all the advice that I can get! (@_@)

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japanese novels?/JLPT is over- now what? [13 Dec 2006|08:14pm]

I posted this to the japanese community too.
But this is kind of a JLPT related problem.

I'm bored. I was in serious study mode for a good 2-3 months before the JLPT and I've worn myself out. I just have no motivation left.

So, I need some external motivation.
Is there anyone else who is reading Japanese novels who would be interested in discussing them? a book club of sorts.

I only have one English book left to read, before I resort reading the books written by dead white men that the previous occupant of this apartment abandoned. (he left 2 or 3 trashbags full of beer cans too.... the books are at least slightly more useful)

But I have access to several libraries full of Japanese books. Anyone have recommendations for books at the pre-1kyu level?

And what are y'all doing to study now that the JLPT is over? I can't bear to start studying grammar intensively again.

edited to add: since a few people have expressed some interest, I've started a book club community. check it out if you want to join us. nihongobookclub
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2006 JLPT 2級 Test & Answers [13 Dec 2006|05:49pm]

[ mood | optimistic ]

I hope that this is OK to post here ^^;
2006 JLPT 2級 Test & Answers
(warning: very long post ahead!!)
found posted across various Chinese BBSs today :D
Kanji / VocabCollapse )
Listening WITH ACTUAL FILE!!Collapse )
Reading / GrammarCollapse )
warning: some of the questions listed as incorrect may actually be right, so please be sure to check everything over!
Some 1級 test questions & answers can be found here: http://jlpt.info/forummessage.do?m_id=1917
How did you do?? :) I forgot what I marked on a lot of the questions! :/
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お疲れさまです! [05 Dec 2006|10:28pm]

Curious about anyone else who took 2kyu. How do you think you did?

my impressions of 2kyuCollapse )

Are you planning to start studying for next year yet?

Personally, I'm thinking that the 漢字検定 will be a more satisfying venture, since it's offered more frequently.
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JLPT 2006 [23 Nov 2006|10:16pm]

Good luck, everyone!
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Level 1 [18 Nov 2006|05:07pm]

Only a few more weeks, guys. Are you ready?

...I'm not.
I did find some listening exercises online, though, which is nice because I forgot to buy the CD that goes with my practice book.

Also, I found a ton of old tests with mp3 files of the listening sections here:

Good luck everyone!!
I'll be in San Francisco. See you on Dec. 3!
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JLPT - level 2 [15 Nov 2006|11:41pm]

As we near the 2 weeks until JLPT mark, I alternate between extreme confidence and utter despair.

Is anyone else taking 2kyu?
What are your study strategies for these last weeks?
I'm taking practice tests and trying to finish off the 完全マスター grammar book.

Anyone have any great review techniques?
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JLPT test of 2005 [23 Oct 2006|05:58pm]

Somebody knows whether JLPT tests which were given in 2005 can be found somewhere in the internet?
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1級 listening exercises etc. [14 Oct 2006|04:46pm]

I bought 凡人社's 1級問題集 before I left Japan, and not until I got back to the US did I realize that there is a tape with the listening exercises sold separately. Does anyone know if there is a place online that I can download the audio files from?

While I'm posting here at all, is there anyone else who is taking 1kyuu in December? I'll be taking it in San Francisco. I'm at school in Minnesota, but since driving to Chicago is extremely iffy in the winter, and my brother lives in Berkeley and will let me stay at his place, I chose the SFO site.

Right now I'm pretty much thinking I have about a snail's chance in a marathon at passing this thing, but even if I don't, I'll have learned a lot more by studying for it than I would have if I weren't taking it at all. I've mostly concentrated on studying kanji so far, knowing that that is my weakest weak point, but my Japanese classes for the past two years have been mainly reading original source material and discussing it, so I thought I'd have the reading comprehension under control, but then I took the practice test from the book and I completely and utterly failed the first section of reading comprehension. It definitely looks now like I need more work on reading and grammar than on kanji and vocabulary. Obviously I'm going to do over the exercises in the book, but does anyone have any further suggestions or strategies?

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Which particles? (JLPT 3-relevant) [18 Sep 2006|09:00pm]

I came across these questions in a workbook, and I couldn’t decide on the right particles to use.

Shachoo no okusan ( ) kabin o kudasaimashita.

---given options were ga, kara, de and ni.

---my choice was ni, if referring to JLPT Level 3 Grammar notes on “Giving and Receiving”

---book answer is ga.



Ookawa-san wa watashitachi ( ) eki made annai shite kuremashita.

---given options were de, ni, o and ga.

---again, I chose ni, based on what I learnt and knew about “Giving Favours”.

---book answer is o.


Seriously… Level 3 grammar is dang confuzzling!! Aack.

Please help!!

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JLPT online resources? [21 Aug 2006|05:54pm]

It's JLPT time again- I just realized when I was at the bookstore today that the application deadline for those of us in Japan in September 5th.

I've got loads of JLPT prep books, but does anyone have any online recommendations. I've enjoyed the practice-placement tests here, but but would welcome as many online resources as possible. Especially material geared for level 1 & 2.

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