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japanese novels?/JLPT is over- now what?

I posted this to the japanese community too.
But this is kind of a JLPT related problem.

I'm bored. I was in serious study mode for a good 2-3 months before the JLPT and I've worn myself out. I just have no motivation left.

So, I need some external motivation.
Is there anyone else who is reading Japanese novels who would be interested in discussing them? a book club of sorts.

I only have one English book left to read, before I resort reading the books written by dead white men that the previous occupant of this apartment abandoned. (he left 2 or 3 trashbags full of beer cans too.... the books are at least slightly more useful)

But I have access to several libraries full of Japanese books. Anyone have recommendations for books at the pre-1kyu level?

And what are y'all doing to study now that the JLPT is over? I can't bear to start studying grammar intensively again.

edited to add: since a few people have expressed some interest, I've started a book club community. check it out if you want to join us. nihongobookclub
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