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Curious about anyone else who took 2kyu. How do you think you did?

I found the kanji to be far easier than i'd expected. the only ones i remember having issues with were 方法、努力、支配、and the question about the flock of birds making a circle (丸、円、輪). but i'm sure there were others. I was just proud to keep pace with all of the Chinese girls in the room.

Listening was harder than I expected. There were lots that were a bit tricky. (I had no idea how many kids Jiro had, the table arrangement was a 50-50 guess for me, the medicine's 新しいところ、among others)

The reading... REM sleep? i thought that one was really difficult, especially in comparison to the girl's diary, and the telephone conversation.

Overally I found the whole experience to be irritating.
-My test site was 2.5 hours from where I live, a 1500yen train ride each way.
-the day was far too long. you never had a chance to get into the test taking zone.
-and sitting in the classroom waiting for the BEEP to start.
-the application process was beyond complicated.
-and now we have to wait until mid-February for the results.

I think I would have done infinitely better had I been sitting at starbucks, in a comfy chair, with a caramel macchiato in hand.

Are you planning to start studying for next year yet?

Personally, I'm thinking that the 漢字検定 will be a more satisfying venture, since it's offered more frequently.
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