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JLPT Discussion

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いらっしゃい! Welcome! This community is founded to provide a place of serious discussion for those who are taking or are interested in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). Whether you are a beginner grappling with Level 4 or a seasoned student facing the ultimate challenge of Level 1, please feel free to contribute anything regarding JLPT.

You are encouraged to post an introduction when you join this community so that we know whom we are talking to. Let us know where you are from, which level you are at (as of this year), how long you have been studying Japanese, why do you choose to study it, etc. Basically anything you wish to share about yourself.

It is suggested that the topics to be discussed are directly related to JLPT, especially stuff on grammar, kanji, vocabulary and listening skills. If you post an entry, kindly name your subject of query/discussion specifically, i.e. JLPT 4: Grammar. You can also post exercises, exam tips, recommendations of study materials, your problems and experiences, etc. Please do not post stuff that are too general and please do not ask members to translate songs or random passages. There are other communities such as correctjapanese, japanese and nihon, where you can direct your non-JLPT questions to.

Main languages of conduct would be English and Japanese. I have nothing against other languages but do bear in mind that not everyone would understand nor able to read if you post in Chinese or Russian.

Lastly, be nice to your fellow community members and have fun!

Maintainer: rosesnchaos